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COK 756, ventilation manager for professional cooking oven

23/01/2018 For professional cooking ovens Mitec implement a control board to manage fan speed and direction of ventilation motors for professional cooking ovens.
Four different operation modes are available:
  1. Standard: (In. 2 & 3 open) standard operation at maximum speed without reversing fan.
  2. Reduced speed, continuous: (In. 2 close, In. 3 open) with trimmer 1 the operator can set fan speed to reduce it. Reversing fan not enabled.
  3. Standard, reversing fan: (In. 2 open, In. 3 close) standard operation at maximum speed with reversing fan. The operator can change rotation and pause times using trimmer 2 and 3.
  4. Reduced speed, reversing fan: (In. 2 & 3 close) fan motors are controlled with reduced speed and rever sing fan. Using all 3 trimmers the operator can set rotation speed, rotation and pause times.
For more information, download the brochure on this page.

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