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Passion, dedication, research, innovation.
These are the core values underpinning Mitec's corporate ethos, and are also the principles that have led to the steady expansion of our company and allowed us to create a highly qualified internal engineering department staffed by skilled and specialised personnel.
This organisational structure supports the continual creation of revolutionary new products and technologically advanced solutions in line with a demanding and fast-moving market.
Our team


PCL651, professional floor scrubber driers with traction


For professional cleaning machines Mitec implement an user interface and a power board that control floor scrubber driers. The user interface is composed by a monochrome graphic display 128x64 pixels ...

PCL 722, operator interface professional cleaning


For professional cleaning machines Mitec implement an user interface that control floor scrubber driers.It's composed by a monochrome graphic display 1284x64 pixels and 3 capacitive touch keys. On req...

COK 682, ventilation manager for professional cooking oven


For professional cooking ovens Mitec implement an advanced control board to manage fan speed and direction of ventilation motors for professional cooking ovens.Three different operation modes are avai...


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